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Where can I learn more about racism?
Who should attend these conversations?

Our conversations are aimed at engaging White people in thinking and talking deeply about racism and White supremacy. If you feel in your heart that racism is a problem in our country, but you aren't sure how to talk about race or what you can do to help solve the problem, these conversations are for you. If you are skeptical that racism is a problem in America but you are open to discussing the issue, you are welcome here. If you wish to deepen your current understanding of racism, come discuss and learn with others.

Why are the conversations for White people?

We provide spaces for White people to come together as a community and discuss issues of race. Many Black people and other people of color are busy grieving, protesting, and working in other ways. People of color also usually have a very different experience of race and racism than White people. Having a place for White people to talk about racism together allows us to "make mistakes," learn from each other, explore with others who have perhaps had similar experiences with race due to being White. We also don't put an undue burden on people of color to educate and inform us about race, when this can be an emotionally exhausting and painful experience. Learn more from AWARE-LA.


We certainly advocate for broadening your interactions and relationships outside of these race conversations, to connect with more people of color. Also we do not exclude anyone from coming to our conversations, based on racial identity or anything else. With that, our focus is on how White people can discuss race and be part of dismantling systemic racism.

What is the format of the conversations?

Our online conversations are done via Zoom, although you can participate by phone if you aren't able to use Zoom. Each conversation is 1 or 1.5 hours, and there is a mix of whole group conversation and more intimate small group discussion using Zoom breakout rooms. The facilitator guides the conversation along with prompts, questions, support, etc. The conversations are based in open discussion and the sharing of personal experiences by participants, rather than lecture or teaching specific content.

Is there a fee to attend a conversation?

There is no fee to participate in our conversations. Instead of a fee, we encourage you to donate to a Black-led organization that is working for racial equity, such as these:

Why do you focus on talking, instead of action?

We believe that both action and discussion are critical to dismantling racism. Especially for those who are newer to thinking about racism, there is a lot to learn and understand not only about systems of racism but how White people have been raised in a culture that advantages and normalizes Whiteness. There is a great deal of personal exploration when talking about race and racism, and many people find it valuable to explore these issues with others. We certainly encourage people to act as well as talk- through donating to Black-led organizations, voting for leaders of color, attending protests for racial justice, etc.