Read what participants in our conversations have said about the experience.

"Thank you so much for such an enriching evening. You are a wonderful host and you are bringing such important experiences for us to discuss. It is so important to hear what others have to say; maybe one did not see that in themselves."

-Laoni, Eugene, OR

“It was helpful to realize that other white people feel uncomfortable talking about race too. I thought this was a result of me growing up in a small town that was not culturally diverse. It didn't occur to me that so many other people feel the same way.”

“It was nice to talk with people who come from similar backgrounds and discuss ideas of what actions to take and personal fears about ‘messing up’ or saying the wrong things.”

"Conversing on race and racism can be challenging. The opportunity to hear the experiences of others and attempt to articulate mine is very useful."

"As a White person, I find talking about race and racism to be rather uncomfortable. I have liked the way that Laura has created a safe space to talk about this important topic. These conversations have been a great place for me to explore various aspects of my views and experiences related to race and for me to gain a wider perspective by hearing from other participants. I knew that I wanted to do something about racism, but I wasn’t sure what to do. Participating in these conversations has helped me to identify next steps that I can take to work towards racial justice. The conversations have always been well-organized, started and ended on time, have had a good mix of large group and small group interactions, and have had thought-provoking questions to encourage self-reflection and keep the topic moving forward. Laura’s feedback has helped turn people’s questions and difficulties into avenues for growth. Inviting people to these conversations has been an easy way to open up this topic with family and friends. I highly recommend participating in White conversations on race." -Sharon, Eugene, OR

"I think it's eye-opening to hear how other white people are experiencing this moment and how they formed their opinions about people of color from their upbringing and experiences. It's not something white people have talked about unless we are in a diversity training."

"People are coming to this table with a variety of experiences, people sharing theirs allowed me to make connections and consider addition ways to speak with others."